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Covid 19 - Open in line with Govt Guidelines

We are Good to Go

We are pleased to confirm that we have followed the Government Guidelines and have reached the Covid-19 Industry Standard developed in partnership with the National Tourist Organisations for Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

We are OPEN for business.


Note - this may mean that the cottages are stripped back slightly with some items/facilities now available on request only. 

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1 Feb 2021 Update

Covid19 Terms for Spreacombe Gardens 2021 are as follows: 

In line with the guidelines, guests should not arrive at Spreacombe if any of the party are showing symptoms of Covid19 or if they are self isolating due to track and trace or equivalent.   

Guests should also NOT travel to Spreacombe if their visit is outside of the Government Guidelines e.g if they are coming from an area / tier that restricts staying in another location or if their party is from the wrong number of households /the wrong size. 

Guests are reminded that they are responsible for informing us if they are in a restricted tier / not pemitted to holiday within the guidelines.

If guests are unable to come to Spreacombe, due to Covid19, the money may be rolled into another holiday or a refund may be requested.  Please note that for guests booking more than one cottage, each cottage is considered as a separate booking.  

Please could we have as much notice as possible for any postponement / cancellation as we would normally not operate this level of financial flexibility and others may be able to take the holiday that you are unable to take. 

We would also like to remind guests to follow the Government Guidelines with respect to handwashing,  sanitisation and social distancing.

Guests showing signs of C-19 whilst staying a Spreacombe are required to immediately call 119 or book on line to arrange for a local test. (our postcode is EX33 1JA).   The result of this test must be shown to the Spreacombe Management Team (By photograph) If positive then the guest must immediately leave if this is reasonably possible. If for any reason that it is not, and self-isolation is required to take place at Spreacombe, then all fees for all bookings affected by this self-isolation will be borne by the guest.

Spreacombe Gardens will undertake to follow the Government Guidelines with respect to all cleaning, available areas, and sanitisation. This may mean that there are less items in the cottages than in pre-Covid times and may mean restrictions with shared areas.  Please note that we will not be putting a 72 hour gap inbetween guests in 2021.

Stay Safe and Many thanks


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