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Relaxing Woodland Retreat



Retreat, Relax and Unwind

We know that the Spreacombe valley is quiet and beautiful; our returning guests tell us that as soon as their car drives into our valley they start to unwind.

We can offer you country strolls, peace and quiet, nature watching opportunities, dark skies that allow star gazing and plenty of low effort places to visit in the area if you wish to leave the valley.

The chapel footings (picture) are in the RSPB Chapel Wood, just a short walk across Mill Meadow and formerly part of the Spreacombe Estate. The local church (Woolacombe) hold one service a year in the chapel, the rest of the year it is available for quiet thoughts, bird watching or just passing by. 


relaxing evening walk on the beach
RSPB chapel wood footings on a quiet evening

Some days are just meant for quiet. 

If you take a hour and just wander around you will see the sheep, and possibly lambs playing and relaxing but spend a little more time and discover the hare living in our fields / wood, deer that pass through on ocassion, the woodpeckers and various wild birds on the pond. Some of our trees are newly planted but I love the old beech trees that have been here for centuries.

Sheep and lamb quietly relaxing in the field
The hare sitting quietly in the field

Many of our guests return many times. On speaking to one, she said " I relax as soon as we drive through the stone pillars".  I love the thought that our ancient pillars could be the "switch off" between the pressure of daily life and a holiday at Spreacombe.

Could this be your next retreat ? 

Spreacombe Entrance in the winter
Picnic by the pond

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