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Checking Out

Our new Check Out time is 9.30am to allow for a gap between you leaving and our cleaners coming in.  

On leaving please could you help us by doing the following 


1. Beds.  Please strip the beds, taking off the top sheets but leaving the mattress & pillow protectors. 

Put the dirty laundry along with used towels into the provided laundry bag (this will be in the airing cupboard)

Please leave used T-Towels in the kitchen. 

              If you have used any extra blankets please leave them on the bed for washing.  Do not put back into the zip packets

2. Toilet Roll and Food  - Please dispose of (or take home) any toilet roll and any food stuffs home - they can't be used by anyone else

3. Fridge - Please full empty this, switch off the power and leave both doors open

4. Bins - Please Empty all bins from inside and outside your cottage and place your refuse in the Wheelie Bins .

5. Recycling - Please put your recycling in the North Devon Council Bins located to the right of the Laundry Room

6. Windows - Please leave at least one window open per room. 

7. Key - Please leave the key on the inside of the front door


Finally have a safe journey and we hope to see you again in simpler times. 



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