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Fire / Emergency Advice


In the event of an emergency evacuation, this bungalow has 2 exterior doors: one near to the bathroom and one in the lounge.

For your safety this bungalow is provided with a fire blanket, situated on the lounge wall (by the kitchen entrance) and a fire extinguisher situated in the kitchen.  This safety equipment is provided for your use in the event of a fire,  if you feel that it is safe to do so.  

If you are unable to control the fire safely, please ensure that


  • all occupants have evacuated safely
  • that you have alerted your neighbouring bungalows
  • that you have called the emergency services
  • and informed the site managers.


The postcode for Spreacombe Gardens is EX33 1JA


If you are unable to get a signal on your mobile, please approach one of the permanent properties in the area, the nearest are the Coachman’s cottage / The Old Coach House and Spreacombe Manor.


The site manager needs to be informed, however small the fire in order that we can make sure your cottage continues to be safe for your use and the guests following.



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