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Lambing over Easter

Whilst are holiday cottages are unusually empty (in line with the Government guidelines), the front field is as happening as Spreacombe ever gets. 

We have 50 ewes that we are expecting to lamb over April and with this exceptionally good weather we have decided to lamb outside this year.  We are regularly checking the field, the neighbours are texting me if they see any action from their windows and James and I are both on hand to rush outside when needed. 

Our previous guests will know that we don’t plan to bottle feed our lambs and don’t therefore offer animal petting  to guests but Lulu has always been an exception.  She was bottle fed in 2017 and still likes a bit of special attention.  

I am now able to say that she produced a lovely lamb of her own last night, when we weren’t looking, but that’s the way with nature.


Hand feeding a sheep in the field near to Woolacombe

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