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Visitor Guidebook - Housekeeping


Cooker Switch:  The On / Off switch for the cooker is located in the eye level cupboard directly adjacent to the cooker.

Breakages – Whilst  we constantly inspect all electrical fittings etc., it would greatly help us if you could let us know of anything requiring attention, that you consider to be dangerous or that needs replacing. This also applies to our board games as pieces do go missing from time to time.

           Please report by text / message / phone or leave a note at the end of the week if there are any breakages or if any appliances do not work correctly.


Immersion Heater – The switch to the immersion heater will be in the kitchen above the fridge / freezer. If you have any hot water issues, please check that this is on.

Shower – The showers are electric but use hot water from the emersion tank. There are two switches that need to be on; the one in the entrance hall and a pull cord in the bathroom itself.       The shower will be cold if you don’t have hot water in your tank.  

No Smoking : Please note that all of the bungalows are NON SMOKING. This includes the laundry room.

Water and Drains - The sewage and water provision are both privately provided. The water comes from our bore hole and passes through UV filters. It is tested regularly to ensure that it complies with UK safety standards and is noticeably softer than water from up country.  The sewage plant is hidden in a field, please respect what goes into the drains.

Aeroflow Heater Instructions Cottages 2,3,4,5


Dustbins  - Located to the rear of your property.  Please empty all internal and external bins at the end of your stay and place your refuse in the blue lidded council bins by the side of the laundry room.

Recycling - Please put all plastic, glass, cardboard in the bins by the laundry room

Outside Tap – Located to the right of the laundry. Please use this for wet suits, surf boards, dogs etc.  

Outside light:   These operate by light sensor and timer.  The light will automaticallly switch on at dusk and off at approximately 11pm.      The switch is in the hallway of some bungalows, please this leave on as the lights affect all properties.


Children:  Guests are advised that they are responsible for insuring their childrens’ own safety.  There are cleaning materials in the kitchen and bathroom and some games may be unsuitable.  If you would like any child safety plugs, we have a few in store – please ask.  

Dogs:  Please keep dogs under control. They must be kept on lead in the vicinity of the bungalows and in any field where there is stock.  Dogs must  NEVER be allowed on beds or chairs.  Please use your own dog beds /  blankets.  Please also respect that “Clematis”, Number 5 is kept strictly pet free.

Roads / Walking : All roads are open to visitors, excepting  that passing in front of the Manor House. You are welcome to wander through the woods and fields, but please remember to close any gates. Please do not let children wander unattended where there is stock or near the open water areas.





We have WiFi installed at Spreacombe Gardens but the caveat to this is that the BT wires to our valley are “rustic” and as one of the staff in the industry said to me “great views means poor broadband”.  (Up to 1mb)   

So, we kindly ask that within your party you minimise the number of devices using the service at any one time and that you use the broadband for basic surfing and e/mails and not for music, youtube and films; the speed won’t cope with the latter.  That having been said it should work all the time, if it stops completely please let me know, sometimes we have to reboot the router.

If I’ve not put you off too much, the server is Spreacombe Gardens and the password is spreacombe15


Television / DVD Player –

The televisions all have built in DVD players, the DVD slot is on the side of the TV.  They will also play the radio.


To change from  TV to DVD you need to 

Press the “source” button on the TV (side or top depending on the model)

move down the list of options with the remote until you highlight “DVD”.

Insert a DVD and press “play”


To change to TV from DVD you need to 

            Press the “source” button on the TV (side or top depending on model)

            Move down the options until you highlight “DTV” or “TV Digital” (depending on the model) -   Note analogue TV will not work here.

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